Maidstone Pumas 0 – Watford Cheetahs 14

Maidstone Pumas 0 – Watford Cheetahs 14

Watford Cheetahs squeeze past Maidstone Pumas to start the season 1-0

19th April 2012

Watford Cheetahs returned victorious from Maidstone after a grueling 14 – 0 win.

Defense dominated the first half of the matchup, with both offences struggling to fire on all cylinders and making some silly mistakes along the way. This was promptly halted by rookie TJ Ajayi, who hooked up with a 14 yard pass from Martin Brown to score the first TD of the 2012 Cheetah campaign. The Cheetah defense continued to look impressive throughout the second half, and managed to apply pressure to the quarterback and shut the Puma offense down, whilst Kenny Gale punched through the middle of the Puma defense on his 5yrd trip to the end zone for the second Cheetah touchdown of the day. Whilst both teams showed heart in the second half neither offense managed to break the goal-line again for the rest of the day.

The Cheetahs did well to secure the vistory but most would have been more satisfied with numbers that more closely resembled last years 61-0 victory. Maidstone proved they have significantly stepped-up their game this year and may be able to prove too much for some teams later in the season.

The Cheetahs would like to wish a speedy recovery to to Paul Wood of the Maidstone Pumas, we hope to see you on the field again soon!