American Football growing in Hertfordshire

American Football growing in Hertfordshire

Watford Cheetahs kick off preparations for 2013

8th Oct 2012

The Watford Cheetahs American Football Club, one of Britain’s longest established, have kicked off their preparations for the 2013 Senior season with an early pre-season start at their new home ground.

The Cheetah Senior (18+) squad is looking forward to a stronger showing in the British American Football Association (BAFA) National League with a push towards the playoffs and possible promotion to the BAFA Premiership. Beyond the Seniors, the Cheetahs Youth (14-16) team look to build on their strong success of last year and a new competitive Junior (17-18) team is planned for 2013.

After week two of pre-season training, Senior Squad Head Coach Nik Maxey had this to say:

Our new partnership with the Queens School Sporting Academy (in Bushey, Herts) has given us the opportunity to really develop our program and given us the flexibility to massively expand our training schedule.

With seven months until the start of the Senior League season, the Cheetahs are already in training for 2013. We have off season scrimmages with several teams planned, as well as two pre-season games provisionally booked, two combines, and a training camp weekend.

The character of the program has already begun to show over the first pre-season training sessions. Cheetahs have trained hard, and supported each other through out with lots of positive energy.

Everyone is already pushing themselves and showing a never give up mentality; which will be the foundation stone of the great campaign we have ahead of us.

The Cheetahs have issued a rallying cry for all new and experienced local players, coaches and staff to get involved with their fast-growing and exciting programme. The Cheetahs first Rookie Day for Youth & Juniors, & the only Rookie Day for Seniors, is being held on Nov 4th at their new home ground and they invite all interested to get in touch.


The Cheetahs have moved to a new ground that offers a platform for excellence and recruitment never before seen in Cheetah history. The Queens School Sporting Academy is a fantastic location buzzing with the sporting activity of various teams across many different sports not to mention a flourishing recruitment ground for new Cheetah club members both on and off the pitch. A solid foundation is everything and their new training and home game facility gives all involved a superior all-round experience.

With a view to evolving that professional excellence and experience the Cheetahs have acquired a video tower and will tape most training sessions and all games, home and away and will now be able to review tape as a team at their new home. This means that Cheetah players will have access to better coaching feedback than ever before. And with more Coaches than ever before the potential for player growth is already proving to be a key element in attracting and keeping some of the most exciting playing and coaching talent from the area.

The Cheetahs rosters have never looked stronger and with more players, coaches, taped games/practices and better facilities, the staff are also aiming to significantly raise the value Cheetah players get from the club. On top of planned new equipment including some surprising and larger items not often seen in the league, there are at least two pre-season combines, a two day training camp and multiple scrimmages and pre-season games already planned. The Cheetahs can look forward to getting as close to that NFL experience as possible.

In September, at a refreshing, forward-looking and positive AGM, an almost entirely new committee was elected bringing massive commercial, operational and strategic experience to the club. New Chairman, Al Tepper, had this to say:

The Watford Cheetahs are a sleeping giant and the only American Football club in Hertfordshire. The Cheetahs have so much potential to grow, both on and off the field and so this committee’s remit is to put in place better processes, structures and people upon which a solid program of growth can be planned, executed and delivered. We want greater value for our club members, better support for the coaches and steady progress in the league. We have such a talented and committed roster and coaching staff and frankly they deserve nothing less. Oh, and watch out for at least one exciting major announcement in the new year.

American Football is a safe, fun and adrenalin-filled way to get fitter, faster, more agile and to become a better all-round athlete. With positions for almost all shapes, speeds and skills it is easily one of the most accessible and inclusive sports available to Hertfordshire’s residents aged 14-50+ … yes the Cheetahs have an active 50+ player who gets regular game time on their roster. And if you like the sport and already watch the NFL here in the UK what better way to meet like-minded fans than by joining the Cheetahs.

For further information about any of the above elements please get in touch with the Chairman via 07939 085849 or via email to – you can find the Cheetahs on Facebook at or at or on Twitter @WatfordCheetahs.