Meet the Cheetahs

We’ve had one Offensive Lineman, a DB and now, we’re back to the Offensive side of the ball…with the RB affectionately known as ‘MVP.’


Name: Ollie Runswick
D.O.B.: 14/03/1991
Position: RB
Experience (years played): 5 Years played.

1) What is your favourite NFL team and why?
New York Jets. I didn’t want to support the Pats

2) Who is your idol?
I wouldn’t say I have an idol; I tend to be most interested in scientists and athletes.

3) What is your favourite colour?

4) What is your favourite food?
Potato (any form)

5) What is your favourite film?
Good Will Hunting

6) Who is/ your favourite actor?
Benedict Cumberbatch

7) What did you want to be when you grew up?
Something different every week

8) You are stuck on a desert island, what would be your three essential items?
iPod, any kind of ball, GIN.

9) What is your worst phobia?
Dan Howard [Charming!!!]

10) Last but by no means least, how did you become part of the Cheetah Pride?
I started playing football at Swansea University for the Titans and joined the Cheetah Pride when I came back to the area after graduating from Swansea in 2013. I ended up moving abroad for a while and playing when I could but for 2015 I look forward to putting in a full season for the Cheetahs!


[Thanks to Garry Neesam for the photo!)