Meet the Cheetahs

One of the great things about the #CheetahPride is that you can never leave (okay, may not be the best choice of words…), but this Cheetah legend is proof of just that. Having played RB & FB, he stepped up to his brothers on the line before a change of career took him to the slightly sunnier shores of Dubai, where he’s now playing for the Dubai Barracudas.


Name: Shane Wilden
D.O.B.: 18/05/1972 (the olden days)
Position: OL
Experience (years played): 24 years

1) What is your favourite NFL team and why?
Philadelphia Eagles – the first team I saw on TV in the gold old days of C4 Gridiron late at night.

2) Who is your idol?
Walter Peyton / Reggie White, great great players taken before their time

3) What is your favourite colour?
Green (Irish parents)

4) What is your favourite food?
I’m an offensive lineman, anything goes (and frequently does)

5) What is your favourite film?
Gone with the Wind! (weird I know)

6) Who is/ your favourite actor?
Keanu Reeves, he is so wooden and one dimensional, it makes every movie that more awesome!!

7) What did you want to be when you grew up?
A soldier, my father, grandfather and great grandfather all served, it was an honor to follow in their footsteps, even for only a short time!

8) You are stuck on a desert island, what would be your three essential items?
a dinghy, some water, a gun (do the math)

9) What is your worst phobia?
[apparently Shane doesn’t have any phobias…]

10) Last but by no means least, how did you become part of the Cheetah Pride?
Almost didn’t by accident. After graduation, I moved to Watford, after consulting the local maps, I decided to join Cambridge Cats (50 miles up the road) not knowing where Chiltern was as a geographical landmark! After one season of commuting, I found my way to the team only 10 miles down the road. That was in 2004, and I celebrated 10 years with the Cheetahs before departing to the Middle East. I still feel part of the pride, and I wear my Cheetah lid proudly at practice with my new team. Representing the Cheetahs in the Middle East for the Dubai Barracudas and UAE Falcons all-star team.