We’d like to thank…

With the 2015 season behind us now, we’d like to take a minute to thank a lot of people, without whom, we wouldn’t have been able to compete in our games, or offer the facilities we do – as well as you all – the fans, players and opponents.

So in no particular order…

Garry Neesam

Widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best american football photographer in the UK, Garry travels with us for our matches. His images are regularly shared by the team on Facebook, and you can view and purchase them here.

St Albans Rugby Club

Our home ground and training venue – we’ve been very lucky with the reception we’ve had from St Albans RFC, and are proud to call these wonderful facilities our home. If you’re nearby in the winter, or fancy chasing a slightly different shaped ball, they’re looking for players at all age ranges.

Medical Cover

We’ve been very fortunate to have a group of medics (Tom and Steven) with us at all games, providing taping, physiotherapy and when called upon, providing support and emergency care to players.

ICW Power Mode

We were very fortunate to have ICW Power Mode offer to pay for our youth team to travel to their away fixtures – which was very well received by coaches, players and parents.

Sugar Dumplin Food

If you’ve been to any of our home games, you’d have seen and smelt the wonderful food coming from the kitchen. This wouldn’t be possible without the services of Sugar Dumplin Food, who are a favourite amongst players!

Darren Brown

Darren kindly helped us during the Superbowl (we’re still wondering why they passed on the 1 yard line!), by providing some authentic American BBQ Food.


We’re on the lookout for sponsors for next year. Email media@hertfordshirecheetahs.com for more information.