INTERVIEW: #30 Adam Adeniji

INTERVIEW: #30 Adam Adeniji

Second-year Running Back Adam made a big splash in his rookie season, leading the team for both yards and touchdowns, which led to him picking up numerous end of season awards. He’s hoping to build on his individual success for the benefit of the team in the 2017 season…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, I started playing in 2013 during my second year of university… initially i was always a football (soccer) & athletics guy. I captained my regional and county football team during school to. However, the Nottingham Trent University football/soccer was too political with selection and I got pretty fed up. So I decided to play a sport where I could still use my athleticism. Prior to playing i never even watched a game haha but thought I would give it a go. Also, from what I was told at the time the American Football program at Trent was really good! I remember in trials, the coach asked me if I ever played before because my measurables were impressive. He didn’t hesistate to put me in pads. I remember my first play being a jet sweep play and I motioned over as the slot for a TD on my first snap ever. I was chuffed. 

Why did you end up playing as a Running Back? Is there anywhere else you have played or would like to try?

I first tried out as a CB but then when I saw one of the scholars called Adam Hope (GB student at the time) he influenced me to play the RB position and I haven’t turnt back since. Currently i’m training to play Right DE in hope to get snaps during games this pre-season. I’m enjoying it and hopefully I can help the team there.

Obviously a 0-10 season is disappointing, but how did you feel last season went outside of the final results? Both for yourself and the team as a whole?

It was totally new to me as i’ve always been on winning teams in any sport I played, so it was a big adjustment. However, I tried to remain positive as possible and could only focus on my job to help the team as much as I could. It was a learning process and of course it’s easy for outsiders to look ay the results and say, ‘ah they’re [not very good – (Adam said something a bit stronger)]’. The process matters more sometimes, in that scenario collectively we prepared well, and put everything on the field. Some of our performances showed alot of our potential too. The reality of it was that we had high player turnover from the previous squad and last season we had a lot of rookies. This year should be different, a chance for us to learn from mistakes and do things differently. I’m already seeing and feeling progress!

Adam shaking off some Saints…

You cleaned up at the end of year awards ceremony – is that changing the way you approach next season at all? 

Cleaned up like Henry the hoover? Haha. Personally i was pleased with my performances last year and I intend on continuing my progress. I won’t change anything I did last season i’ll only add or make slight tweaks. The summer just gone Coach Brown did some RB power and footwork training with the ball carriers, not even two weeks after the season was over! The training was twice a week and lasted 8 weeks. So you can imagine how much I and my team mates improved our game. I already feel better about my game and still have plenty of pre season training and organised scrimmages to play. 

What are you most looking forward to in the coming 2017 season?

I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter with my brothers in pads, like I said last season was tough but we’re all driven to do better. I’m also looking forward to playing on both sides of the ball.

Do you have a favourite play? 

Hmm. Not sure, I don’t have a stand out favorite. Maybe toss plays. I remember doing a lot of screen plays at univeristy which I was quite successful on, my first TD ever was on a HB screen. So if we were to do that at Cheetahs I’d be foaming at the mouth *cough cough* Coach Brown 😉

Do you say cleats or boots?

Boots all day. 

In action against Sussex Thunder
In action against Sussex Thunder

Who or what makes you feel most comfortable in a game situation?

Jason Scurfield our QB, making a run on a 2nd and long to keep a drive alive.

How many TDs are you scoring this season?

More than last season. Safest answer. Certainly more yards though, at the end of the day that’s what a RB prides the most I think. TDs win games but they are not conducive to team success in the long run in my opinion.

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