Senior Game 8 Preview

Senior Game 8 Preview

With only three games left of the regular season, it is somewhat surprising that the 7-0 Cheetahs face an unknown quantity this weekend. Yet that is where they stand, facing the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts on either side of a fixture with the Berkshire Renegades.

A win would take the #CheetahPride to 8-0 and all but guarantee a playoff spot. The Renegades (6-1) are hot on their tail though, and there is little room for a slip-up. The Dreadnoughts (5-2) aren’t out of the race themselves yet, but will need to halt the Cheetahs momentum if they want a shot at the division title.  Whilst both of their defeats this season have come against the Renegades, Portsmouth have conceded just a point more over the course of the season than the second place Berkshire outfit, proving that a Cheetahs offence led by Deniz Karagulle in place of the injured Jason Scurfield will need to stay hot.

Its also the last Cheetahs home game of the regular season… though with the right work put in, we hope to be back for the post-season! Its going to be a cracker down at St Albans Rugby Club, so make sure you join us for a 3pm kickoff.



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