Will Sparke announced as Offensive Coordinator

The club is delighted to announce the appointment of Will Sparke as Offensive Coordinator. Will has vast experience with the game, having previously played for the Cheetahs and Lancaster University on both sides of the ball. His coaching experience began at that same university when he took on the role of Running Backs Coach, and was quickly asked to also become Special Teams Coordinator – a role he has since held for the Cheetahs. Will also comes with a broad background which includes operations, logistics, data analysis and project management which he will be looking to apply to the Cheetah’s Offence. His stated intention is for this to translate into changing training and performing on game day, using a detail oriented approach that places a new level of focus on ensuring that every single player on the roster is constantly being developed.

Upon accepting the role as OC, Coach Sparke said: ” My end goal is to provide all our players with the skills which they will need to not just succeed in this offence, but to thrive.Our offence over the coming year is going to focus on ensuring that we are as flexible and adaptable as possible, with the intention of forcing defences into as many ‘no win’ situations as possible. We are then going to capitalise and punish them. Personally, I cannot wait to get started. Football is a detail oriented game in which you get to build your own results. So, let’s get out there and make it happen”

The #CheetahPride looks forward to welcoming Coach Sparke into the fold and getting started for the new season.

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