60 Seconds With: OC Will Sparke

60 Seconds With: OC Will Sparke

Despite his relative youth, Offensive Coordinator Will Sparke is not a new face amongst the #CheetahPride. This is his first season with the club as OC however, so we sat down with him for a quick grilling…

Welcome to the #CheetahPride! You’ve obviously been with the club previously, but tell us a little about yourself?

I started playing Running Back at 17 when I joined the Cheetahs. I was then lucky enough to attend Lancaster University where I was afforded the opportunity to play a multitude of positions which really enhanced my understanding of how different aspects of the game worked.

How did the OC role come about? Why do you think you got it?

Honestly I was very flattered to even get the opportunity to apply for the OC role. Football is all about the best man for the job so I like to think that my attitude, understanding of the game and coaching manner impressed enough for me to be afforded this opportunity.

What kind of Offence are you looking to run in 2018?

The Offence this year is going to be very aggressive. We are going to be looking to put a lot of people on the floor and score a lot of points.

What are your first thoughts on the Offence you’ve inherited?

I have been blessed with an excellent Offensive staff including Offensive Line coach Russell Begbie, Running Back coach Simon Smith and newly appointed Wide Receiver coach James Bath. We also have a very talented roster – honestly it is stacked – so we have all the tools to go very far this season.

Which NFL team do you support?

I have a lot of love for the Cleveland Browns for their loyalty to their city and amusing antics.

How do you think they’ll do this season?

The team is in a transition period so who knows what to expect this year from them. I was previously a Chargers fan but they elected to uproot so I had a change of heart.

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