Zapkam announced as new clothing partner

Hertfordshire Cheetahs American Football Club (HCAFC) are delighted to announce a clothing partnership with Zapkam Sports Ltd (Zapkam).

Zapkam are a Gloucestershire based sportswear company, who specialise in bespoke uniforms tailored specifically to the customer.

Zapkam will be running an online shop that will allow all HCAFC members (players, coaches, committee members), for all squads to purchase branded clothing. This partnership allows HCAFC players & staff to have the next level of uniformity & professionalism when arriving at games or during club social events.

In the coming months, this partnership will extend out to HCAFC fans, who will be able to purchase supporter-wear to wear during games on the sidelines.

The make-up of this partnership is beneficial to both sides, with HCAFC able to take a small percentage of sales through Zapkam and put back into the club funds. All this is being done without any member of HCAFC having to specifically run the shop or order the uniform, with it being run solely by Zapkam’s full-time staff base.

In the coming days, further details will be released as to how to order uniform. The first order will be a bulk order from HCAFC, allowing a large discount to players to start the partnership.

For any further questions in relation to the partnership, please speak to HCAFC Alumni Officer Dan Cohen (

Zapkam Sports can be found online at

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