Much like the professional game, Britball relies on new blood joining to remain competitive. This season we decided to follow some of these rookies through their first taste of senior ball. Some have risen through the youth game, whilst for others this is their first taste of playing American Football, but for all of them the senior game will be something new and challenging.

Wide receiver Tom McQuillin falls into the latter category, having previously been into soccer and athletics. He isn’t completely new to the sport – Tom is a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He may have been watching Allen Robinson carefully (prior before being sent to Chicago!) as as he has already shown prowess as a sideline threat – at 6’4, opposing cornerbacks are going to have their work cut out to deal with high balls against him.

What has your first pre-season been like so far?

My first pre-season has been good! I’ve hit all the objectives I had before the season and have learnt a lot. As a complete rookie to the sport it’s been a steep learning curve but I’m pleased to have got up and running fairly quickly!

How has playing American Football differed from or met your expectations?

It’s been the best team atmosphere I’ve come across in sport. Everyone has each others backs and it’s really refreshing to feel part of a genuinely really good-spirited and talented group of players – it’s made the sport that much more enjoyable! 

Rookie WR Tom McQuillin
Rookie WR Tom McQuillin

What are you most looking forward to when you play your first game on Sunday?

As a rookie I’m looking forward to finally playing some competitive football! We’ve trained so hard over the last few months, I’m excited to finally get out and see what we can do. Hopefully as an offence we can put a lot of points on the board and I’m sure our defence will show up too.

What are your goals for the season?

My goals for the season are to continue my personal development and to help the team achieve its objectives. To score lots of touchdowns would be a huge bonus but if I play to the best of my ability and help the team do what it sets out to do then that would be a successful season for me!

We’ll be catching up with Tom again after Sunday’s opening game at Hastings!

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