Flag HC Palumbo Looking Forward to 2019

Flag HC Palumbo Looking Forward to 2019

Head Coach of the Flag programme Ascanio Palumbo reviews his time as HC and looks forward to the future as he writes:

“Two years ago, I rejoined the Cheetahs as Flag Head coach. I was new to coaching, but I had a drive and passion to teach young people about the game of football.

The first training session I ran, 5 players turned up. The training session a week later- only 2 players did. Now we have a strong average attendance of 10. While it may not seem impressive, it is a huge step forward for the Flag team and it’s future.

Going into my third year, I now have the help of Coach Cliff who joined us in January. Cliff is a fantastic coach and has a massive amount of experience in the sport. He spent many years playing the game he loves and now is sharing his knowledge with any young person who will listen and has a want to learn.

Coach Cliff briefing the squad

This year we are making a big push for recruiting new passionate and driven girls and boys. The goal is to have two teams. One u12 and one u17 team, to compete in their own leagues. We take players from 8 years of age right up until 17, and welcome both boys and girls!

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The Cheetahs Defence Pounces on a Wolves Player


Our current squad are a great group of passionate and enthusiastic young athletes. They always welcome new players with open arms and make them feel at home.

Here at the Cheetahs we live and breathe the sport of American Football. Our coaches are all dedicated individuals who take their time to prepare training sessions that’ll help develop our players the best way possible.

Fancy flag? Then give us a chance to show you we are the team for you!”



Our first come and try day is this Sunday.  More information can be found here.

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