Cheetahs Looking to Expand Coaching Staff

Cheetahs Looking to Expand Coaching Staff

Following on from their Championship winning 2018 season, the Hertfordshire Cheetahs Senior Squad are looking for coaches to help this young, exciting and talented squad, take the next level as they progress up to division one.

WR Coach James Bath has confirmed he will return to playing action in 2019, whilst Running Back Coach Simon Smith has taken a step back due to time restraints and assistant Coach Jon Sheelan has also confirmed he will not return next year.

Chairman Luke Clark wishes to thank the departing coaches for their hard work saying “we could not have won a championship without them, they have been an integral part of the Cheetah family and they will always be welcome back when time permits. Thank you.”

We can also confirm that DB Coach Ray Palmer has accepted the defensive co-ordinator role and therefore leaves a void at defensive back.

There are several positional and positional assistant roles available:

– Defensive Backs Coach
– Wide Receivers Coach
– Defensive Line Assistant Coach
– Defensive Backs Assistant Coach
– Wide Receivers Assistant Coach
– Running Backs Assistant Coach
– QB Assistant Coach

For positional roles we are ideally looking for someone who has relevant playing or coaching experience, assistants can be new to the sport but must have a willingness to learn and develop.

British American Football Qualification Lv1 qualification is required for the role, but can be completed after appointment.

Must be available and committed most Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the season (November – September) and all games. Likely around 10 hours per week.

Other Skills
– Have relevant IT skills and willing to learn HUDL.
– Keen attention to detail
– Have a desire to get the best out of players.

The Hertfordshire Cheetahs are one of the oldest continuously running American Football teams in the UK. You would be joining a team where there is a focus on coach development to help you grow within the sport of American Football, learn multiple positions and be part of an ambitious community club.

If you would like to apply for any of the roles please email us at for more information.

If you are interested in coaching, but would prefer to coach, Youth, Junior, Flag or Women’s please get in touch.

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