Armed Forces Interview – Martin Brown

Armed Forces Interview – Martin Brown

In the lead up to our Armed Forces game on Sunday, we have caught up with a number of our past and current players who have served.  We spoke to Senior QB Martin Brown.

1) What is you name, and your rank, regiment when you served and why did you choose a career in the armed forces?

Martin Brown – Reservist SGT – Special Investigation Branch (SIB) within the Royal Military Police.  I was a late joiner to the Army Reserves, my career had meant that I had not been able to join for a quite a long period of time.  But those circumstances changed and I was able to join the Reserves… at a little under 40 years old, so it may have been the start of my mid-life crisis?  But joining the Armed Forces had been a long standing intention of mine, ive long maintained that if I had my time again; I would have spent 4 or 5 years in one of the services instead of going to University.  I’ve also played alongside and been coached by a number of guys who served (British, French and American) and I always found those guys to be real team players and I think time in the Military has helped shape those characters.

Martin and his fellow reservists in training

2) What got you in to American Football?

It was watching it on Channel 4 and then realising it was a good way to justify beating up my little brothers – but I decided I wanted to give it a try and found a team in Cambridge (Fen Harriers)

3) What do working for the Armed Forces and American Football have in common and did American Football help you integrate back into society (if applicable)?

I think some of the similarities are that they are both about units of people working together and independently to get the job done, you have to rely on the guy next to you to do his job and you have to do yours.  Oh, and the waiting around.

4) Why is it important we remember our Armed Forces?

Our Society is becoming more and more self-interested, with a belief that the hard tasks and dirty jobs are for someone else.  The rights and freedoms we enjoy today are because of those that served previously.  Whilst we may not agree with the wars and conflicts that our country has been involved in, or continues to become involved with – Our Armed Services are there ready to lay down their lives to get the job done on behalf of the rest of us.  If that’s not worth remembering, I’m not sure what is?

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Armed Forces event?

It’s great that we have a platform to help promote the Armed Forces Day, raise awareness and as we have a number of serving and former service persons it’s good that the club can recognise those guys too.  And the new kit we are wearing for the first time at that game looks fantastic.

6) How are you enjoying the season so far?

The season has been a great success so far, to start really strong having made the step up was a testament to the work we put in during the pre-season.  That said, our offence hasn’t quite clicked yet this season and that has been a little frustrating.  But to be in a position to make a push for the play-offs in our first season back in Div one is a huge achievement.

Martin Brown in action against Portsmouth this season (c) Mark Long

7) Finally, what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

The play-offs are our objective and that is achievable.  Once you are in the play-offs then anything is possible, so if we can stay healthy I think we can give anyone in Div one a game.

We want to thank Martin for his service and anyone else who is or has been a member of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces day kicks off at 12pm with the Juniors facing off against the Cambridgeshire Cats, followed by a Cadet flag game and the Senior game against the Sussex Thunder at 3pm.  Find out more here.

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