Armed Forces Interview – Jack Tripp

Armed Forces Interview – Jack Tripp

In the lead up to our Armed Forces game on Sunday, we have caught up with a number of our past and current players who have served.  Next up, we spoke to Senior Defensive Lineman Jack Tripp.

1) What is you name, and your rank, regiment when you served and why did you choose a career in the armed forces?

Jack Tripp, Lance Corporal in her Majesties Royal Marines Commandos, always wanted to join the forces and it was a toss up between paras and marines to be the best equipped and best trained unit possible. Ultimately chose marines for their proud history.

Jack in his Royal Marines Commandos Service Dress

2) What got you in to American Football?

I first got into American football when I was out in New Orleans in 2011 and Saints had recently won the Super Bowl and I began following them, it wasn’t until I watched the Saints Dolphins in London games 2017 that I thought to seek a local team to play for.

3) What do working for the Armed Forces and American Football have in common and did American Football help you integrate back into society (if applicable)?

There’s a strong family bond within American Football that can be broken down into friendly rivalries as well as very close bonds, much like the Armed Forces, all servicemen and women are a family but mines better than theirs. Cheetahs have given me some close competitive friends that push each other to achieve our own greatest each and every day which before I only ever got from the marines

4) Why is it important we remember our Armed Forces?

It’s Very important we remember and honour our Armed Forces because we owe everything we have today to our past generations, the freedoms they secured for us, some by giving their lives, should never be taken for granted or given away.

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Armed Forces event?

When I put on that jersey in honour of our services I am looking forward to the immense feeling of pride standing along side my brothers and sisters as we go to play our hearts out for something that means so mush to us.

6) How are you enjoying the season so far?

I have learnt a lot this season and have been challenged a lot more than i expected, I’m enjoying every minute of it as I am improving each game and even achieved defensive MVP against Portsmouth.

Tripp tackling the Portsmouth Running Back earlier in the season (c) Mark Long

7) Finally, what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

I expect we can only get better and our biggest challenge will be Solent away, if we are able to beat them away I don’t see anything stopping us from reaching another final, and possibly gaining another ring, just as long as everyone puts in their all.

We want to thank Jack for his service and anyone else who is or has been a member of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces day kicks off at 12pm with the Juniors facing off against the Cambridgeshire Cats, followed by a Cadet flag game and the Senior game against the Sussex Thunder at 3pm.  Find out more here.

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