Armed Forces Interview – Dougie Andrews

Armed Forces Interview – Dougie Andrews

In the lead up to our Armed Forces game on Sunday, we have caught up with a number of our past and current players who have served.  This time, it is another offensive player, WR Dougie Andrews.

1) What is you name, and your rank, regiment when you served and why did you choose a career in the armed forces?

Dougie Andrews – senior Aircraftsman – Royal Air Force. I joined up because I saw it as a way to grow up. I was trying to get a job in TV but had no luck so thought I’d give it a go and see what happened.

2) What got you in to American Football?

The Madden series on the mega drive. I played that and then at school Martin Brown and Neil Prothero started playing for a team in Cambridge and I tagged along from there.

3) What do working for the Armed Forces and American Football have in common and did American Football help you integrate back into society (if applicable)?

The Forces, as with football, have a role for everyone and with that role goes responsibility. Every cog is crucial and the machine can’t function if a piece is missing.

4) Why is it important we remember our Armed Forces?

No comment.   

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Armed Forces event?

Watching it on catch up because I have to work!

6) How are you enjoying the season so far?

It’s been a great season as a team, we’ve maybe not performed as well as we expected but we have got results and it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that when we do put a performance in, whoever is unlucky enough to get in the way will get a walloping. Personally, it’s been a bit frustrating, work commitments have got in the way for a large part of the season and maybe impacted my contributions.

Dougie at the Cheetahs

7) Finally, what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

If we make the playoffs then it’s a great season, once we are there anything can happen.

We want to thank Dougie for his service and anyone else who is or has been a member of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces day kicks off at 12pm with the Juniors facing off against the Cambridgeshire Cats, followed by a Cadet flag game and the Senior game against the Sussex Thunder at 3pm.  Find out more here.

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