Armed Forces Interview – Kevin Knight

Armed Forces Interview – Kevin Knight

In the lead up to our Armed Forces game on Sunday, we have caught up with a number of our past and current players who have served.  Next up, we spoke to alumni and long time committee member, Kevin Knight.

1) What is you name, and your rank, regiment when you served and why did you choose a career in the armed forces?

Kevin Knight, Junior Technician, Royal Air Force for 9 years. I joined as I had been in Air Cadets for 7 years and wanted to serve in the finest force.

Kevin and the Hercules in Kenya

2) What got you in to American Football?

Started watching in the mid 80’s and after meeting some people at Superbowl XXV started playing at 15 for the London Capitals in 91.

3) What do working for the Armed Forces and American Football have in common and did American Football help you integrate back into society (if applicable)?

Having left the airforce in 07 I was struggling to find work. Getting back into football gave me that opportunity for physical exercise and the social aspect of being part of a group a brotherhood working for one goal. The banter is pretty much the same too.

4) Why is it important we remember our Armed Forces?

We must remember the sacrifice those people gave in the hope we avoid conflict again in the future.

Kevin Knight in Service on the Falkland Islands

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Armed Forces event?

Seeing the Cheetahs win!

6) How are you enjoying the season so far?

To come up a division and perform the way they have has been great. Its also great to see all the Cheetahs teams so strong.

7) Finally, what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Win all the games.

We want to thank Kevin for his service and anyone else who is or has been a member of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces day kicks off at 12pm with the Juniors facing off against the Cambridgeshire Cats, followed by a Cadet flag game and the Senior game against the Sussex Thunder at 3pm.  Find out more here.

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