Armed Forces Interview – Nick Moffat

Armed Forces Interview – Nick Moffat

In the lead up to our Armed Forces game on Sunday, we have caught up with a number of our past and current players who have served.  We spoke to Senior WR Nick Moffat.

1) Name, rank, regiment and why did you choose a career in the armed forces?

Major Nick Moffat – The Royal Regiment of Scotland.  I was always interested in the Army and after completing my Sports Science degree, I decided that joining the Army was more attractive than pursuing a career in the sports industry – the best decision I ever made!  I am now in my 18th year in the Regular Army and have been all over the world.  One of the main reasons I am remaining in the Army, is that I am not working for an organisation chasing a profit margin.  The Army is about delivering effects to create a better and stronger UK and supporting the evolution of a better world.

2) What got you in to American Football?  

I was always fascinated by the sport on TV.  I met the Cheetahs’ QB, Sgt Martin Brown RMP, in 1996 and he was already playing for a team based in Cambridge.  I tried out for that team, was successful and have been playing ever since.

3) What do working for the Armed Forces and American Football have in common?  

Being in the Army, you are a part of a very big team.  As with all team sports, there is a direct correlation between working in the Army and playing American Football.  The strength of this correlation is in how technically specific each position’s role is on the field of battle; be it a military battle or an American Football game.  Each position on the American Football field, has a very specific role and responsibilities that no other position can easily replicate without compromising its own responsibilities.  Another position also may not have the technical skills to deliver the replication required.  This is exactly the same on the military field of battle, where many different soldiers are trained to execute very separate roles and specialisations in an integrated plan to achieve victory.  I have not found a correlation between the Army and another team sport, that is as strong as it is between the Army and American Football.

4) Why is it important we remember our Armed Forces?  

Our entire way of life and the freedoms we enjoy only exist as a result of the sacrifices and successes our Armed Forces have made throughout history.  We may never have to endure another conflict where our national survival is at stake.  However, if we do, how ready and able our Armed Forces will be, will absolutely be dependent on the support from the nation.  At times, such as these where the Armed Forces are not engaged in conflict, it is difficult to understand what we are doing if you are not a serving member or an immediate family member of someone who is serving.  The Army is working extremely hard all of the time, training for any future requirement the nation may have.  In an era of limited resources, we are challenged to make ourselves as ready as we can be, so support from the nation is of paramount importance for us.

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Armed Forces event? 

I am very privileged to be a player on a team that provides such support to those serving and who have served.  Having just returned to the team after a few years away, I am keen to learn who amongst my team mates has a forces connection and to honour our services collectively.

6) How are you enjoying the season so far?  

It is great to be part of a strong team that is having such a successful 1st season in Division 1, having promoted last year.  The Hertfordshire Cheetahs is the team I have spent the most seasons with throughout my 20yrs in the sport and I have witnessed the team have to work very hard through some testing times on and off the field, to get where we are today.   

7) What are your expectations for the rest of the season?  

Reaching the Playoffs is the ambition for this season.  For me personally, it will be great to see some playing time before I again move away to serve in Scotland from August this year.  Now at the end of my playing career, I am simply happy to once again, be part of the team I view as my American Football home.

We want to thank Nick for his service and anyone else who is or has been a member of our Armed Forces.

Our Armed Forces day kicks off at 12pm with the Juniors facing off against the Cambridgeshire Cats, followed by a Cadet flag game and the Senior game against the Sussex Thunder at 3pm.  Find out more here.

Can’t make the game? It will be live streamed here.

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