AGM ushers in new era for Cheetahs

AGM ushers in new era for Cheetahs

The Cheetahs began a new era on Sunday, using the 2019 Annual General Meeting to discuss constitutional changes (now approved), unveil a reworked committee structure and of course elect a full new committee.

The most significant change is the vacancy created by former Chairman Luke Clark, without whom the club would not be in the stable state it finds itself in approaching the 2020 season. Luke, who has moved to the Southwest of the country, has been a pivotal figure in ensuring the club’s future and has overseen a period of growth and, happily, the personal success of the SFC South Championship as a key offensive lineman. Everyone at the club would like to thank Luke for his service to the Hertfordshire Cheetahs, and wish him well with this new chapter in his life.

As we move forward, the committee structure has been revamped with simplicity in mind. There are now just two layers – Executive and Full Committee. The Exec has been expanded through the addition of a Communications Officer to reflect the importance of external promotion for the club. The post holders are as follows:

Executive Committee

Chairman and Welfare Officer: Andy Dickins
Secretary (Co-chair): Max Duffin
Vice Chair: Yasmin Cazeau
Treasurer: Amy Steele
Communications Officer: Ben Weeks


Bafa Officer: Hazel BarnesSenior admin: Tom Chiddle
Junior Admin: Lisa Jimenez MacGovern
Youth Admin: Sheena Braddon
Flag Admin: Corrine Clarke
Tornados Admin: Gemma Halford
Game Day Manager: Fiona Dickins
Equipment Manager: Chris Shepherd

Social Median Officer: Tirell Jeffers
Cheetahs TV Officer: Connor Conor Wilson
Graphic Design: Dan Merritt

Recruitment Officer: Stuart Butcher
Community Engagement Officer: Scott Banks
Sponsorship Officer: Jacques Vitry
Fundraising Officer: Holly Sabine
Social Secetary: Sean Wasley

Sharing the workload and responsibility of a very demanding role, Andy and Max said ”We’re excited to take the club forward, building off the strong base that is in place and utilising the huge skill set of the new committee. We look forward to a successful ensuing season, beginning with Rookie Days for all squads.”

Stay tuned for more announcements shortly!

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