January Newsletter

January Newsletter

With a commitment to operating transparently and welcoming input, we’re happy to share our first Committee newsletter.

1. *Changes in Executive Commitee*
The newly formed executive committee has had a reshuffle in line with the changing nature of the club’s priorities. As well as the previous addition of a Media Officer to reflect the importance of communication and promotion to the club, there have been several other changes. With Andy Dickins taking on the role of Juniors HC, Yasmin Cazeau has moved to Welfare Officer. Hollie Sabine has stepped in to the Vice Chair role.

The 2020 Executive is:

Chairman: Andy Dickins
Co-Chair/Secretary: Max Duffin
Vice Chair: Hollie Sabine
Treasurer: Amy Steele
Welfare Officer: Yasmin Cazeau
Media Officer: Ben Weeks

*2. Committee Meetings.*
The committee have already met 3 times since it’s formation, covering events from rookie days through Tornadoes’ tournaments to the upcoming season schedule. The next meeting is planned for January 19th.

*3. Radio Verulam*
Members from across the entire club have been making weekly appearances on Radio Verulam’s sport show. We have had representatives from the Committee, the Senior Squad, the Youth and the Tornadoes and will continue to promote the Cheetahs (and chat NFL!) throughout the season. If you haven’t heard an episode yet, be sure to check out the podcasts which are made available on the Cheetahs’ Facebook page.

*4. Bake sale pays off.*
The success of the Tornadoes bake sale event during the ‘Welcome to Preseason’ day led to the purchase of two tackle donuts, which will be a valuable training contribution and reiterates the value of club fundraising events. A special thank you to the team that ran the bake sale and anybody who contributed! The brownies were particularly good…

*5. Website Improvements.*
Quotes have been obtained for improvements to the website, with a focus on reliability and improving information about all squads. It is the committee’s aim that the work is completed prior to the start of the season.

*6. Tornados Tournament*
Even though Gameday One brought two losses for the Tornadoes, there was much positivity and high team morale. The team knew from the moment the fixtures were released that this game day would be the toughest, facing the reigning national champion Birmingham Lions, and the Lions biggest rivals, London Warriors. Taking away four TDs, a safety, some great plays made on both O and D, and areas to improve, the team will be looking to secure two wins when they visit Wembley on the 18th January.

Finals Scores; Lions (14-32), Warriors (14-62)

*7. Junior training camp.*
With only a few hours to practice in a normal week, Training Camp is a great opportunity to lay a real foundation in preparation for the new season and a chance to bond as a team. The Juniors will be finishing the weekend with their first live fully kitted Offence vs. Defence scrimmage.

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