Many club members have already been informed by their squad coaches of the current BAFA plans, but we would like to provide a clubwide update as to the current situation and what the club is doing.

  • We have had communications from the league, who hope to be in a position to resume football after the 31st May. Obviously, this is entirely dependent on government guidelines.
  • If this does happen, the expectation is that this will be a shortened season. Some squads have been provided with more information by BAFA than others at this point. We will communicate information to team coaches and admins as soon as we know more, who will cascade that information to players and parents.
  • We have also been asked to give feedback to BAFA on the senior season. We have responded that whilst we want to keep any season competitive with championships to play for, we do not think promotion and relegation would be reasonable in the circumstances, as teams may not be able to represent their best selves.
  • Regarding subs,  we expect that in the event of a shortened or cancelled season there will be a proportionate refund. However, until we know more about what the league proposes it is hard to make financial projections and to provide further clarity on what can be expected. We can promise to try and find the balance between keeping the club financially stable and ensuring that a fair reimbursement is made. We are acutely conscious of the financial impact of the pandemic and continuing to discuss how we can be flexible regarding this.
  • We will continue to meet regularly to discuss options and will provide concrete updates as soon as we are able.

We also want to thank everyone for their patience during this extremely unusual time, and hope we can get back to balling soon. Stay safe!

Andy, Yas, Hollie, Max, Amy and Ben – the Executive Committee.

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