The Hertfordshire Cheetahs are pleased to announce our full coaching staff for the 2018 Season.


Head Coach: Craig Barnes
Offensive Co-Ordinator: Will Sparke
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Ray Palmer
Assistant Defensive Co-Ordinator: Max Duffin
Special Teams Co-Ordinator: Craig Barnes
Running Backs Coach: Roger Brown
Wide Receivers Coach: Ben Brown
Quarterbacks Coach: Nick Tilbury
Offensive Line Coach: Russ Begbie
Offensive Line Coach: Gary Culleton
Defensive Line Coach: Lawrence Lamontagne
Defensive Line Coach: Steve Taylor
Defensive Line Assistant Coach: Aatish Pattni
Defensive Backs Coach: Mark Foster
Linebackers Coach: Rob Cardy
Linebackers Assistant Coach: Matt Bright
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Edward Valdez


Head Coach: Alex Halms
Assistant Head Coach: Chris Cameron
Offensive Co-Ordinator: Rich Moult
Defensive Co-Ordinator & Defensive Backs Coach: Fab Hayward
Special Teams Co-Ordinator: Norman Bradford
Assistant Defensive Co-Ordinator & Linebackers Coach: Oscar Terry
Assistant Offensive Co-Ordinator & Offensive Line Coach: Dom MacIntyre
Assistant Special Teams Co-Ordinator & Running Backs Coach: Conor Wilson
Wide Receivers Coach: Larry Selleck
Quarterbacks Coach: Iain Wilson
Offensive Assistant (TE’s): James Jackson
Offensive & Defensive Line Assistant Coach: Jonty Tatchell
Offensive Assistant Coach (Gameday): Phil MacGovern
Strategy Assistant Coach: Andy Dickins


Head Coach and Offensive Co-Ordinator: Phil MacGovern
Defensive Co-Ordinator: Max Duffin
Wide Receivers Coach: Conor Baron
Defensive Line Coach: Ben Bruce
Linebackers Coach: Joshua Kent


Head Coach: Ascanio Palumbo
Assistant Coach: Cliff Moles
Assistant Coach: Vincent Adams
Assistant Coach: Ben Moss

We are always looking for new coaches to join the Cheetahs. If you are interested in joining please email New and experienced coaches are welcome as we pride ourselves in growing our coaches through our development programme.